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We are always looking for professionals with outstanding clinical skills and a passion for patient safety and care!

REPORTS TO: Van Supervisor

The Van Operator provides the highest quality service to those clients requesting and requiring transportation via a wheel chair. The Van Operator responds to scheduled calls for transportation from dispatcher and transports clients to their scheduled destination. Upon completion of assigned call, the Van Operator remains in communication, via assigned portable radio, with dispatcher, ready to accept and respond to additional calls as scheduled with the dispatcher.

1. Regularly participates in departmental educational activities and meetings.
2. Consistently provides comprehensive documentation on daily duties, and clients transported.
3. Always signs out and maintains assigned van and equipment (wheelchair, radio, oxygen tank with regulator) in clean and efficient working order.
4. Operates the van according with departmental policies, traffic ordinances, and in a manner where safety of the client and Van Operator in the van is of prime importance.
5. Reports to work on time, in proper uniform with appropriate ID name tag, and with assigned orange strap belts.
6. Always carries all necessary permits and licenses on person, while on duty.
7. Observes proper radio procedures per department policy and practices.
8. Responds to the needs of clients of all ages and client's family's needs or requests for assistance in a prompt and positive manner.
9. Always assumes responsibility for professional education, knowledge of policies and procedures, and maintains current certification and license requirements.
10. Immediately notifies the Van Supervisor, Operations Director, or Administrative Director, or their designee, of any accidents, injuries, complaints, or any other issues involving the Van or Van Operator/Attendant.
11. Actively supports the mission, goals, and policies of Ambulance.
12. Any and all duties deemed necessary for the employee to perform during the regular course of their duties by any member of Ambulance Management Team.
13. Demonstrates regular and reliable attendance and strict punctuality.

The Van Operator must have a current Jefferson Parish van attendant permit and Orleans CPNC permit. The Van Operator/Attendant must also have a valid Operator’s license, Class D, and meet all criteria as set forth by our vehicle insurance carrier. The Van Operator must have current training and completion cards for defensive driving and Heart Saver CPR with First Aid. These permits and training must be maintained and kept current and valid at all times while employed in this capacity.

The Van Operator must be able to properly secure clients to wheelchair with appropriate straps for movement to van and onto van lift. The Van Operator must be able to safely and properly operate wheelchair lift on van. The Van Operator is only authorized to assist clients through the movement of wheelchair into position, where the client, or client’s family or personal attendant, will be responsible for helping the client into and out of the wheelchair.
Manual and finger dexterity is necessary to reach for, handle, and move equipment. Talking and hearing ability is necessary to interact and communicate with dispatchers on the radio, clients on the bus, and others as appropriate during the work day. Visual activity is required for observation of the client, inspection of the scene, and to safely drive the van.
At no time is it the role, responsibility, or duty of the Van Operator to physically lift or move the client into or out the wheelchair.
The above statement reflects the general duties considered necessary to describe the principle functions of the job as identified and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the position.
A-MED Ambulance Service Louisiana jobs

A-MED Ambulance Service

Louisiana jobs

Louisiana jobs

 Louisiana jobs  Louisiana jobs

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A-MED Ambulance Service Louisiana jobs

A-MED Ambulance Service (Louisiana jobs)

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We are always looking for professionals with outstanding clinical skills and a passion for patient safety and care!

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