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Environmental Health Specialist performs professional work involving the protection and promotion of public health and the environment by ensuring compliance with Federal and State laws, rules and regulations related to the elimination and/or prevention of environmental health, environmental impact, and occupational health hazards.
Level III position reflects performance of independent work where assignments are of a technical nature and moderate difficulty, with limited deviation from established standards. Problems usually involve consideration of a limited number of factors which are readily detected and controlled, and can be resolved by direct application of specific standards. Work activities typically involve inspecting facilities, operations, activities and/or equipment; investigating and resolving complaints from the public; analyzing and evaluating data and recommending action; and/or conducting informational and educational outreach activities to ensure compliance with pertinent environmental/occupational health laws, rules and regulations; and performing other related duties as assigned. Work assignments of more technical difficulty are performed in assistance to or under guidance of a higher level specialist. Level IV position reflects responsibility for complex to highly complex work involving interpreting/evaluating considerable or specialized technical data and/or a variety of duties involving diverse and complex technical problems; and considerable decision making and use of judgment. Incumbents are expected to resolve most of the conflicts that arise under general supervision of a higher level specialist or program supervisor; and performs other related duties as assigned. Minimum Qualification Requirements Applicants will be placed on the eligible list for ALL levels for which they are qualified.
To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:
Education: Bachelor's degree from an accredited four (4) year college or university with a major in chemistry, physics, biology, zoology, environmental science or other closely related field of science. The coursework must have included at least three (3) semester credit hours in college algebra or higher. General Experience: One (1) year for Levels III and IV of progressively responsible professional work experience which involved interpreting and applying principles, concepts and/or standards related to a chemical, physical, biological or related field of science; gathering, evaluating and analyzing facts and other pertinent information required to resolve problems and recommend appropriate courses of action. The work must have demonstrated the ability to identify problems and alternative solutions, use judgment in determining appropriate alternatives, and prepare clear and concise written reports and recommendations for action.
Specialized Experience: Six (6) months for Level III, and for Level IV, one and one-half (1-1/2) years of progressively responsible professional work experience in a field of environmental/occupational health which demonstrated knowledge and understanding of environmentally hazardous substances (e.g., chemical, physical or biological substances) or pollutants and required knowledge and application of laws, rules, regulations, methods and techniques pertaining to an area of environmental/occupational health such as clean air, clean water, drinking water, solid and hazardous waste, oil spill, etc. The work must have involved gathering, analyzing and evaluating data related to environmentally hazardous substances; conducting inspections and/or investigations for hazardous environmental/occupational health conditions and ensuring compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations; approving and issuing permits to conduct activities and/or operations in accordance with environmental health regulations; and/or advising others on complying with environmental/occupational health program laws, rules, regulations and standards. For the Level IV, at least one (1) year of the required experience must have been comparable in scope and responsibility to the Environmental Health Specialist III in State service (see Level III duties summary above).
Substitutions Allowed: Relevant substitutions as described in the Minimum Qualification Requirements, will apply.

Driver's License: A valid driver's license is required for some positions at the time of appointment.

Lifting and Carrying: Some positions require the ability to lift and carry items of various weights with or without reasonable accommodation.
State of Hawaii Hawai`i jobs

State of Hawaii

Hawai`i jobs

Hawai`i jobs

 Hawai`i jobs  Hawai`i jobs

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State of Hawaii Hawai`i jobs

State of Hawaii (Hawai`i jobs)

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